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Published: January 19, 2016 1:02 PM /


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Developer Colossal Order has officially announced the second expansion for their city builder Cities: Skylines after posting a cryptic teaser on Reddit. The expansion, which has the title "Snowfall" will add dynamic weather to the popular sim game, with players needing to adapt to the changing climate and make sure that their cities keep running smoothly.

The expansion introduces a new temperature mechanic which changes the city's needs depending on how hot or cold the climate is. Players will have to meet their citizens' heating demands which requires more electricity to warm everyone's homes, and ensure that the roads stay clear after heavy snowfall by using the tools at their disposal such as building a snowplow depot. 

The trailer shows off some of the new features, as well as show some new additions players can use to improve their city's infrastructure. A new addition to the game's public transport system is the tram, which can be used as a more scenic alternative to trains, buses and taxis already in the game as of the After Dark expansion. Snowfall also adds more options to the public transport system, making public transport easier to manage. 

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The expansion will enable the use of fog and rain in existing maps, and players who are looking for a bigger challenge can try their hand at a new snow-covered winter theme map. There will also be new winter-themed landmarks and parks for you to use in your cities.

As per usual with games published by Paradox Interactive, some of the new features will find their way to the base game, with cosmetic rain and fog becoming available to everyone who owns the vanilla version once Snowfall drops. 

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There are more unannounced features coming soon, and we will let you know when Colossal announces the release date for Cities: Skylines Snowfall! We also don't know how much the expansion will cost, but it's reasonable to assume that the $15 price tag they used for After Dark will also apply here.  

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