Cities: Skylines Hubs & Transport Update Detailed In New Dev Diary

Published: March 20, 2023 11:51 AM /


A train speeding by in the new Cities: Skylines Hubs & Transport update

Colossal Order has released a new dev diary detailing what you can expect from the upcoming Cities: Skylines Hubs & Transport update. As you might imagine, the update is mostly focused on transport and its various hubs, so you can expect new vehicles, roads, and hubs, plus more.

The dev diary, which was posted via Steam earlier today, goes into some detail regarding the content being added by Hubs & Transport, which is part of Cities: Skylines' final year of content. It's worth remembering that not all of these updates are coming to the base game; some are restricted to certain expansions, so you won't be able to enjoy them unless you've bought that content. 


First up, you're getting 9 new transport hubs in total, with owners of the base game getting a Harbor-Bus Hub and a Multi-level Metro Hub. Snowfall and Mass Transit owners get additional hubs, and there's extra content available if you own both expansions as well. 

Two of the new hub types in the Cities: Skylines Hubs & Transport update
These new hub types will be added for everyone who owns the base Cities: Skylines game.

15 new road types are on their way to the game too, although again, some will only be accessible if you own certain expansions. Base game owners will get a Three-Lane One-Way Road with Bus Lane, plus three new medium four-lane roads, while Mass Transit owners get 9 additional road types. Once again, Snowfall and Mass Transit owners get extra roads.

It wouldn't be much of a transport update without new vehicles, so naturally, more are being added in the Hubs & Transport update. 6 new metro trains are coming for the base game, but there's also a new 240-passenger option with a new look to enjoy. After Dark owners get a brand new taxi, while Natural Disasters is getting an Articulated Evacuation Bus to help you ferry passengers to safety. Mass Transit owners, meanwhile, are getting two new monorails and four new ferries.

It's worth taking a look through the full Cities: Skylines Hubs & Transport dev diary so you can see all the content coming as part of the update, as well as which expansions you'll need to get it. There's much more coming as part of Hubs & Transport, too, so stay tuned to TechRaptor for more info about this long-running and much-loved city-builder. The update arrives on March 22nd and will be free of charge for all players.



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