The Circle of Death Rules Us All: Far Cry 5 has a Death Loop Bug

Published: March 31, 2018 4:05 PM /


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With open world games and lots of possibilities awaiting games around every corner, sometimes even the best Quality Assurance teams can miss bugs. It happens, and hopefully, those bugs are of low consequence: being able to be restored by a save, or just being able to retry the mission in question. But in Ubisoft's latest hit in Far Cry 5some players are running into a particularly nasty situation: where the game saves.....right before they die. Which then creates a never-ending loop of death in this Far Cry 5 death loop bug.

As reported by PlayStation Lifestyle, there is a series of locations out there where a player falls to their death, but the game saves during the fall. As Far Cry 5 tries to load the last save, that puts the player falling to their death again as the autosave is loaded, causing the progress halting Far Cry 5 death loop. As of right now, there seems to be no good solution to the problem or even one that works for all players. Some players have attempted to have a friend join the game to bring them back up, but they end up getting caught in the death loop themselves. Others have indicated based on the Ubisoft forums that at least for the PS4 version of the game, you can attempt to press the PS button on their control to force the game to pause when it loads in, and fast travel out to avoid the problem. But that's only for some of the cases where, as if you're too close to the ground when it saves, it does not seem to work well. While many of the reports seem to be from the PlayStation version of the game, the problem does not seem to be specific to any one platform.

Those veterans of the series however may think that this glitch may be somewhat familiar. This isn't the first time we've seen problems like this is in the Far Cry franchise, as Far Cry 3 also had a bad autosave death loop issue as well. The problem was not reasonably reported in Far Cry 4 or Far Cry Primal, however.

Ubisoft staff have been informed of the issue via MP1st, and while they've passed the issue along to the developers, there is no solid solution or answers to the problem, and you have to start over from a fresh save, unless you're fortunate enough to have a manual save it lets you load, or have one of the other stitched together 'solutions' work.

What do you think of the Far Cry 5 death loop bug? What are your thoughts on the game overall? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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