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Cinders Magic coming to iOS

September 22, 2015 9:53 PM

By: Alexandria Brown


Cinders Magic is an iOS match-3 puzzler from ickity Games. Featuring a spooky black cat and a fun twist on match-3 gameplay Cinders Magic is being released on October 15th, just in time for Halloween. 





ickity Games takes a story-driven approach to their mobile puzzle game Cinders Magic. In the game a magical black cat named Cinders is tasked with delivering a potion to her witch in Pumpkin Town. To do this Cinders will need to complete 55 Halloween themed challenges. There's a story mode that chronicles how Cinders came to be a witch's familiar.



When it comes to gameplay Cinders Magic shakes up the traditional match-3 mechanics by introducing obstacles and interactive objects. In Cinders Magic objects will come to life when matched. Some objects will rise, fall, jump and perform all manner of magical tricks that will add a new element of strategy and fun to completing match-3 levels.

Obstacles include jumping cats, scurrying mice, falling eye of newt and even the occasional ghost! There are fun animated power gems to discover and a whole new way to play match-3. Cinders Magic will have players twisting and tapping all the way to Pumpkin Town and the top of the leader board.


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In addition to the story-mode there is also an endless litter-box mode where players can really test their matching skills. Cinders Magic offers intriguing gameplay that will appeal to players of all ages and skill levels.

With it's spooky cute aesthetic and theme Cinders Magic is the perfect game to get you in the Halloween spirit. A version of the game is being developed for Android devices but has no release date yet. Cinders Magic will be available to download from the App Store on October 15th from ickity Games. The price is TBA.

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