Chucklefish-Published Strategy Title Pathway Launches Next Week

Published: April 5, 2019 2:29 PM /


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Get ready for an Indiana Jones-styled adventure with Pathway. This strategy RPG launches next week, April 11th for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Pathway is developed by Robotality and published by Chucklefish. Robotality is known for developing the sci-fi turn-based strategy game Halfway. This time we're going back in time to the 1930s on an adventure fraught with peril, random events, and Nazis. Here is the plot, according to a recent press release:

In a time of global turmoil, Nazi influence spreads inexorably across Europe and the Middle East. Rumors are abound of secret excavations and mysterious artifacts, not to mention the odd whisperings and tales of gruesome occult rituals...
Pathway takes place in North Africa. Nazis are attempting to uncover mysterious magical relics from temples and tombs, and it's up to you and your band of adventurers to stop them. There are a total of 16 unique adventurers to choose from with different abilities, but you can only take a few on your journey, so pick wisely.

There are also a total of five campaigns with that follow a storyline but the paths are creating through procedural generation. These campaigns feature hundreds of different story events impacted by your choices.

Again, Pathway comes out next week on April 11th for PC, Mac, and Linux platforms. Additionally, you can buy it on Steam, GOG, or the Humble Store. Also, be sure to read TechRaptor's upcoming review on Pathway. 

Quick Take

I make an effort to play most Chucklefish-published games. Robotality's previous title, Halfway, was a bit underwhelming to critics and users but I enjoyed it and I'm also glad that Chucklefish is continuing to support them. Pathway looks much more ambitious in scale and I think appeals to a lot more people. It's definitely got some Indiana Jones vibes that I think will resonate with a lot of gamers, so it's something I don't want to pass up.

Are you going to pick up Pathway? Are you surprised they are publishing this only a couple months after Wargroove? Let us know in the comments below!

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