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Published: March 2, 2016 11:47 AM /


Mirage Arcane Warfare Logo

Torn Banner Studios, the developer behind the game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, has shown off their new product; Mirage: Arcane Warfare.

Much like it's predecessor Chivalry, Mirage is a multiplayer-focused FPS title set in this case, a fantasy-styled world where players will fight each other using weapons and magical attacks. The game world seems to evoke an "arabian nights" theme to the aesthetics, with long, sprawling temples and deserts, and a very Prince of Persia-feel to some of the character designs, including the game's own logo. 

Torn Banner also released a teaser trailer for the gameplay of Mirage, showcasing the action and magical abilities players will be able to employ below.

Torn Banner has said the teaser shows off the faster pace found in Mirage, as well as the magic and graphical quality, all rendered in Unreal Engine 4. The end of the trailer has a stinger to tune in on March 9th, when Torn Banner will release an official announce trailer for the game.

Torn Banner is a Toronto-based studio was founded in 2010 by ex-modders who worked on the Half Life 2 Mod, Age of Chivalry. The 18 person team has since then created a full-scale game, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, in 2012, based on their Age of Chivalry mod, which was a multiplayer first person title focusing on melee combat. The game was objective-based, and had teams of players recreating medieval battles in first or third person. 

Mirage: Arcane Warfare will be the second official title from the independent studio, and is slated for release later this year. 

Quick Take

I am honestly more excited by the potential of Mirage than I would be for Chivalry. Perhaps its just the aesthetics and flashiness of the gameplay teaser they posted here, but the idea of using melee-based combat mixed with magic is a bit more appealing than the simulation-style of their previous game. We will see what else Torn Banner has in store though come March 9th when they show off their announcement trailer.

What do you think though? Is Mirage an appealing prospect? Leave your comments below. 

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