Chivalry 2 Release Date set for June

Torn Banner Studios has announced that the first person melee game Chivalry 2 Will Be releasing this June

Published: February 11, 2021 2:30 PM /


Chivalry 2 release date

During the Epic Games Store Spring Showcase, Torn Banner Studios, and Tripwire got on to demonstrate Chivalry 2, and announce the long-awaited Chivalry 2 Release Date. 

Epic's event ran into a number of technical struggles, making it difficult for many to see what was going on for many announcements, but for those who persevered, they got some treats when it started running properly, including a new look at Chivalry 2. Getting shown off for the first time in months, Chivalry 2 is still promising highly improved visuals from the first game, and of creating the medieval combat dream.

While they were discussing it, they revealed that Chivalry 2 will have lots of new moves in the game, and that they have aimed to increase accessibility in controls, while not sacrificing depth. There has also been traps and items added that allow you to be more creative like wheels, chickens, and barrels that can be used on the world around you. The scale of battle is doubled as well, with there being 64 players, with the goal of more players to create the 'meatgrinder of war' in how it feels. The team also was wanting to avoid being Chivalary 1.5 and make sure that the game was a real advancement on the formula.

What is the Chivalry 2 Release Date?

Coming exclusively to Epic Games Store on PC, the Chivalry 2 release date is set for June 8th, 2021. There will be a closed beta available on March 26-29th, that you can get access to by preordering on the Epic Games Store.

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If you want to see how it all looks though, here's the developer diary they released:

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