Chip's Challenge Returns After 25 Years

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Chip's Challenge

Chip's Challenge is an absolute classic. It's a game about collecting computer chips within a time limit, while trying to avoid monsters and other obstacles. Special items like keys or ice skates might be required to get passed certain obstacles. One of the earliest gaming memories I have is watching my oldest brother play through this game. I tried my hand at a few levels, but never got too far. I was probably was a bit too young and stupid to handle the puzzles. But it looks like I might just get another chance to play through this game.

Chip's Challenge was originally released in 1989 for the Atari Lynx, but soon made its way to Amiga, Commodore 64, DOS, and Windows. After 25 years, Chip's Challenge is going to see a Steam release. On May 28, old fans can relive this classic, while new fans can enjoy it for the first time. The game has received a graphical update for the new release, which is expected for a game this old, but the actual levels remain unchanged. After watching the YouTube trailer (posted below), I was surprised that I actually recognized the levels even after all these years.

It's not just Chip's Challenge which is getting a Steam release. The long-awaited sequel, Chip's Challenge 2, is making its debut on the same day. After completing Chip's Challenge, the creator, Chuck Sommerville, spent 2 years developing and perfecting Chip's Challenge 2. Upon completing it, he found out that the trademark had been sold, and the new owners wanted Chuck to fund the publishing of the game.

Having no money to spare, he wasn't able to release Chip's Challenge 2 at that time. This was greatly upsetting to Chuck, who felt he had let down the fans of his game. He even contemplated having his wife leak the game online after he died. Finally, after years of negotiations with the new trademark owners, Chip's Challenge 2 can receive its long overdue release.

Both games will incorporate Steam features such as Trading Cards and Steam Workshop. While having the same general gameplay as Chip's Challenge, Chip's Challenge 2 will have many new monsters, abilities, and game elements. There will also be a level editor available as DLC for Chip's Challenge 2, allowing players to create and share their original content. With 144 levels in Chip's Challenge and 200 more in the sequel, these 2 games are sure to offer plenty of entertainment for puzzle fans.

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