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Chinese RPG Sword & Fairy 6 Coming to PlayStation 4 This Spring

February 19, 2019 9:25 AM

By: Kyle Johnson


Independent publisher Eastasiasoft announced today that Chinese RPG Sword & Fairy 6 will come to PS4 in North America on April 2nd. The wider European and Asian release comes just a day later, on April 3rd. The eighth mainline game in the Sword & Fairy series is the first to make an appearance on any major console, with the earlier localization launching on Steam in 2017. Eastasiasoft is also partnering with Playasia to provide a special collector's edition of Sword & Fairy 6. The collector's edition will come with a soundtrack CD, a region-free copy of the game, a full manual all in a special box. Preorders for the physical collector's edition will go live on February 21st, with Sword and Fairy 6 launching on April 2nd and 3rd.





Blending Chinese martial arts, fantastical characters, and classic good-vs-evil plots, the Sword & Fairy series is something of a cultural cornerstone in Chinese video gaming. Set years after the events in Sword & Fairy 5, two warriors are wandering the land, searching for something they had lost. The citizens have only known peace for generations and have forgotten the legends of a time when men fought beasts. Now, however, a gargantuan monster has risen from the sea, tormented by strange voices in its head. With various human factions vying for power and control in the face of

Although the series can be literally translated as "The Legend of the Paladin," 仙劍奇俠傳 is more commonly translated as The Legend of Sword and Fairy or Chinese Paladin. Arguably the most influential Chinese RPG series, it has spawned dozens of spinoff games, as well as a few television series and stage adaptations in the 24 years of its existence. The first release on Steam was not an easy one for developer Softstar, as it was marred by a myriad of technical issues and subpar visuals, even as the story and gameplay were praised. With a chance to break new ground in the console market for Chinese RPGs, hopefully, these problems have been ironed out. With spring not far off, our chance to check out a legendary Chinese RPG series will come on April 2nd and 3rd.

Kyle Johnson
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