China Dominates Korea In League Of Legends All-Star Show Match

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Following the League of Legends All-Star tradition of an NA vs EU show match comes the China vs Korea, or LPL vs LCK, show match. The rivalry between these regions is especially hot this year as China was able to take the League of Legends World Championship title from Korea after Korea was knocked out of the World Championship bracket in the 2018 quarterfinals.

The two teams were absolutely star-studded with LPL's roster being GoDlike in the top lane, MLXG in the jungle, Rookie in the middle lane, Uzi in the bottom lane, and Jie Zou in the support role. LCK had a team with just as much star power with Watch in the top lane, Peanut in the jungle, Faker in the middle lane, Bang in the bottom lane, and MadLife in the support role. Something to note is that unlike with the NA vs EU teams, these players are primarily in their main roles with the exception of Watch and GoDlike. The middle lane match-up hosts a lot of firepower as well with three-time World Champion Faker going up against the current World Champion mid laner, Rookie.

The picks and bans were, in some ways, just as silly as the NA vs EU picks and bans with GoDlike banning out Garen, a completely uncontested pick. More interesting was the picks for each team with Jie Zou taking MadLife's signature Thresh away from him, LPL's Uzi bringing out the Neeko bot lane to contrast with Nightblue3's Neeko jungle from the NA vs EU game, and Faker picking Zac in the middle lane and taking Smite to the middle lane. While the removal of the gold debuff that taking Smite used to impose on players has made Smite in lane a potentially viable option, the choice of taking Zac as the champion to wield it stands out as a very unusual choice.

lpl vs lck picks league of legends
A final look at the LPL and LCK picks as the game loads in.

The game started out very even with Peanut denying MLXG the vast majority of his first jungle clear and Watch trading one for one in a 2v1 up top, but MLXG wasn't done there he turned his attention to mid and was able to pick up a kill on Faker early in the laning phase which would help solidify his lead and his position as the dominant jungler in the game. The game continued to be fairly even for a little while but the LPL hype train starts to pick up steam as MLXG counter ganks the middle lane picking up two kills on Faker and Peanut while at the same time Uzi picks up two kills on Bang and MadLife in the bottom lane.

lpl vs lck uzi double mlxg rampage league of legends
Uzi picks up a double kill in the bottom lane while MLXG picks up a fourth kill mid lane.

Despite MLXG getting denied so much of his early jungle, he managed to come back with ease picking up kill after kill in the early game turning him into quite the force to be reckoned with. At the same time, Uzi is securing not just kills but a solid farm lead in his lane. While two kills may not seem like an extremely big lead, Uzi was also leading in farming and every kill he gets denies his opponent farming and experience that could help them come back.

In an attempt to swing the pendulum even further in their direction, the LPL team takes the Rift Herald down to bottom lane securing two towers and an inhibitor with the help of the Rift Herald and the LCK team looks for a fight in the middle lane, desperate to answer back as their base is dismantled. Unfortunately, there would be no answer back as despite getting the Unstoppable Onslaught before the fight, the LCK team is destroyed as Uzi lands another big Pop Blossom, taking down Faker and MadLife while Rookie locks down Watch with the Nether Grasp.

As it turned out there are no stops on the LPL hype train as even though LCK managed to get a few shutdowns on Uzi and MLXG in bottom lane and a good fight in the LCK base giving Faker three kills and a few large bounties from shutdowns, there was no stopping Uzi from throwing down big damage with Neeko's Pop Blossom and Blooming Burst, ending the game with 13 kills and only 2 deaths. The LPL team took an early advantage with the dominant gank pressure from MLXG, shutting down every lane with a map presence that Peanut just couldn't answer to, and just ran with it, taking down the entire LCK team and then taking their Nexus in just 23 minutes.

lpl vs lck final scoreboard league of legends
The final scoreboard of the LPL vs LCK show match as the LPL team takes LCK's nexus after an ace.

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