Child Cancer Patient Luuk Given Special Version of Favorite Game By Creator

Published: September 24, 2020 3:14 PM /


GiantsSoftware Farming Simulator Luuk

We don't often talk about games like Farming Simulator because they are a very specific niche in the gaming market. Yet, Developer GIANTS Software have shown their true colors when it comes to helping a young boy live out their farming dreams in the middle of our current pandemic. 

This story surrounds a six year old boy named Luuk. Luuk loves farming, but the past year has been rough for him because of a cancer diagnosis. Luuk would spend his time fighting through the disease, staying isolated from his friends and school in a rural part of England.

Fortunately, Luuk has had the help of the organization known as SpecialEffect, a UK-based gamers charity that aims to help individuals with disabilities or other needs to have the tools needed to keep playing games. In the case of Luuk, it was a setup for him to attend school with their BubbleBuster program. Basically, the folks at SpecialEffect were able to use a Wifi Linked robot to attend school for Luuk, so he wouldn't miss a lesson.

Of course, when the pandemic hit, another challenge was to provide help and support for Luuk through other means, as he was immune-deficient and unable to go outside due to COVID-19. This spurred Luuk's father, a farmer in his own right, to start a long charity stream (nicknamed the Muckathon!) where he would farm non-stop across a 52-Acre farm. On top of this, Luuk would participate through the robot from BubbleBusters. 

The charity stream was a success, earning over £5,000 in a 37 hour period.

So what does this have to do with GIANTS Software? 

Just yesterday, it was revealed that Luuk, already a fan of the Farming Simulator games, was sent a care package of Farming Simulator goodies, from the company. According to a tweet by SpecialEffect, GIANTS Software heard about Luuk and his story, and sent a care package to him, with not only a copy of Farming Simulator 19, but a special note from the developers. 

"Be like a tractor" begins the note. "strong, unstoppable, and able to change the earth with every yard you move. All the best from all of us here from GIANTS Software."

It is just a single act of kindness, out of nowhere, that showcases the good we can see, and should rightfully highlight, in the gaming industry.

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