Chex Quest 3 Released for Free for Reasons We've Yet to Understand

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Chex Quest 3 Released for Free for Reasons We've Yet to Understand

May 24, 2019

By: Robert N. Adams

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Chex Quest 3 has finally been released, bringing a thrilling conclusion to the zorch-tastic first-person shooter.

If you haven't lived through the 90s (and you want to make me feel old), you might have no idea what the heck Chex Quest is. Thankfully, it's a fairly straightforward product. You're handed a weird remote control. You can zap aliens with the control in a bunch of different levels. Also, this game was specifically commissioned by General Mills to be a free toy stuffed into boxes of Chex cereal. Oh, and this game is made in the same engine as the original DOOM games.

Think I'm pulling your leg? Take a look at some Chex Quest 3 gameplay from YouTuber Cutefloor:


As you can see, Chex Quest 3 features familiar first-person shooter gameplay with a notable lack of violence and gore. That's totally understandable seeing as this was a game targeted towards kids. Familiar items like medkits have instead been replaced with bowls of fruit that you can pick up while dashing your way through Chex warehouses. Also, the Chex warehouses have spaceships and aliens for reasons that only made sense in the 90s.

A total of three official Chex Quest games were made, but the third one was never officially released until earlier today. The launch of the game was acknowledged on Chex's official Twitter account.

Only one question remains: why were the Chex Quest games made in the first place? My guess is because the 90s were a lawless wasteland where you could get away with almost anything and no one would question it. Just look at JNCO jeans and the Spice Girls.

You can download Chex Quest 3 for free at the cereal's official website. The first two games aren't available just yet, but they're surely floating around on the Internet somewhere if you felt like hunting them down for a bit of nostalgia. You also might want to pop by the Chex Quest fan forums because that's a thing that exists.

What do you think of Chex Quest 3 finally making its debut? What's your favorite product tie-in video game? Let us know in the comments below!


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