Modders are Exploring Clementine's House in The Walking Dead

Published: December 9, 2020 3:25 PM /


Clementine House Walking Dead Mod

The Telltale Game Series The Walking Dead was super popular when its first season was released in 2012, spanning multiple episodes and four seasons worth of content, primarily following the story of Clementine. Despite the circumstances leading to the demise of Telltale Studios, The Walking Dead is still their flagship achievement, with tons of fan support even now.

So it's not surprising when one fan has begun work on a personal mod to show off some of the artistry found in the franchise, in this case, a mod to show off Clementine's abandoned house in Season 4. 

As posted on the Walking Dead Game reddit by the user changemymindpls1, they manually loaded and recreated Clementine's house, originally only featured in the Definitive series menu screen. The work paid off, allowing changemymindpls1 to let players freely explore the grounds of the house without any boundaries blocking them. 

Most of his hard work is coming from a custom modding tool they created, named The Agent Tool. According to changemymindpls1, they disabled the scene walk boxes, allowing them to walk around freely with no collision at all in the scene. They also changed some of the lighting and disabled some effects to make the house look more natural, adding to the realism a bit. 

They also showcased a little video on reddit highlighting the walkthrough of the exterior and interior of the entire house, really showing off the details put into the game's visual direction and design that many people would normally not see. 

Currently, the mod is not available to the public, but changemymindpls1 noted that they would be willing to release it. 

"If you guys want me to release this as a mod for you to mess about and explore with, then let me know! I'll be willing to put in the work to release it for you to play with." They said on one of their posts. "As for now, this is just continuous exploration into modifying/editing agents and scenes using both raw scripting, and my Agent Tool, and I will share all the information, details, and scripts at a later date but currently, we are working hard to get the mod tools fully ready but also to understand the workings of the engine even further which has been the main goal."

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