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Two Point Hospital, developed by Two Point Studios and published by Sega, will be released for PC, Mac, and Linux on August 30, 2018, according to a post on the game's Steam News page.

If you've ever wanted a realistic simulation of what it's like to run a hospital, then Two Point Hospital is absolutely not the game for you. The game is a completely silly take on the healthcare industry where you must do your best to manage medical facilities of varying size where the diseases are strange and the treatments are even stranger. Two Point Studios donned doctor costumes and took to the stage at E3 2018's PC Gaming show to talk a bit about their game and all of the strange maladies players can be afflicted with like Turtle Head and Monobrow.

Fans of Bullfrog Productions (developers of Dungeon Keeper, Populous, and many excellent games) will note a bit of similarity to their title Theme HospitalTwo Point Hospital is a spiritual successor of sorts, and Two Point Studios has developers on staff who worked on that game. Set in the fictional Two Point County, we'll be seeing quite soon whether or not this fresh take on a classic game will be able to live up to its forebears.

If you'd like to learn a bit more about Two Point Hospital, you should have a listen to the interview we did with Two Point Studios earlier in May of this year, or watch the video down below. Two Point Hospital is now available for pre-purchase on Steam and the Humble Store for $31.49 or your regional equivalent, a 10% discount off of its retail price of $34.99.

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What do you think of Two Point Hospital? Are you looking forward to a game that is trying to carry on the legacy of Bullfrog Productions in its own way? Let us know in the comments below!


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