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Cheap XCOM 2, The Division, and Rocket League Returns in Encore PC Summer Sale

Published: July 30, 2016 3:19 PM



Remember the various piece of PC game sale we've been covering in the past few weeks? Want to pick up cheap XCOM 2 Steam keys? It's all coming to a head this weekend as GMG launch their giant Encore Summer Sale. All of the previous game deals from their respective rounds are now back for a limited time.


Until Monday, you will find thousand of games on sale in all manners of genre and DRMs. Scanning through the list, we are seeing mostly Steam and Uplay titles. For your convenience, we've picked out some of the top selling (and non-coincidentally popular) titles below. If you want to browse a more refine list, check out our breakdown here.

As mentioned, the deals last through Monday morning (8AM Pacific). For those new to GMG, simply create an account to see the discounted pricing we're listing below. If you've been a frequent GMG customer but are returning for this sale, note that GMG has gotten rid of their voucher/coupon codes. In lieu of the coupon codes, once you log in you'll see the best prices.


A ton of games are hitting all new lows with these deals. XCOM2Street Fighter V, Tom Clancy's The Division, and Ashes of Singularity are all at their best prices ever from an authorized retailer. Essentially all titles are matching (or are even cheaper) than the Steam Summer sale. Many games like Rocket League or Cities: Skylines are right near their all-time low price points, so they are worth picking up even if it's not exactly the "cheapest ever" price.

Top Picks from GMG's Encore Summer Sale

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