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Dark Souls 3

Occasionally, nonprofits and charities contact TechRaptor about things they are doing that might be of interest to us and our readers. Today, we got a rather interesting stream that you might check out coming within the week: an increasingly drunk playthrough of Dark Souls III laced with some of the hottest chili peppers in the world.

Recently, we were contacted by a streamer that only just recently started streaming in his spare time, that goes by the handle Azrhi, with a charity stream that he will be doing of Dark Souls III on April 16th, 2016 on his Twitch channel. He will be doing a playthrough of the game, attempting to get as far as he can, while having a six pack of apple ale in tow, at minimum. He will be taking a shot every time he dies three times, and knowing Dark Souls games, that will be quite often. While you might ask yourself "why would I want to watch a guy play Dark Souls III drunk for charity?" He's put in a catch. For every $50 in donations, he will add a cap full of ghost pepper sourced hot sauce to his next beer shot. At milestones every $200, he will add something more potent to the mix. At $1000, he will consume a pickled ghost pepper on his stream.

If you are not apprised of what ghost peppers are, they used to be the hottest chili peppers on Earth, from 2007 to 2011, rating in at over 1,041,427 Scoville Heat Units at its hottest according to Wikipedia (the hottest standard non hybrid habanero pepper, for reference, is 350,000 Scoville heat units, and a jalapeno is 10,000 on average). They're known in their native India as bhut jolokia and have been weaponized by the Indian army (NOTE: This reference article is from 2010, but describes the effects of the grenade in detail) in a special non-lethal crowd control grenade, which even defeated a terrorist leader. Due to having trouble securing a fresh ghost pepper, Azrhi has grabbed pickled ghost peppers, though he assures us that this will not impact the "kick" the chili will have in any way.

Azrhi is donating proceeds from the stream to the International Women's Health Coalition. For full details, please refer to his Crowdrise page.

We also asked Azrhi a few questions on his charity stream and what got him started streaming in the first place.

TechRaptor: Why did you decide to start streaming in your spare time?

Azrhi: A few factors culminated in a spur of the moment decision a few weeks ago.

A. I'm in a position at the moment where due to my work schedule being evenings, I don't have much time in the way of social interactions with my close friends. It's a personal reason to start, so I'll say I like to wear my heart on my sleeve. There was most definitely a craving for interaction there.

B. The fun of it. Gaming with people has always given me a rush, and more-so with an audience too. I played DDR, and very well, back in my high school days. It quickly lost its luster as the little YMCA gym I played in lost more and more people.

C. This isn't a slight against my place of work, but I certainly don't want to be in a call center for the rest of my life. I'd lose my sanity.

D. I've taken to watching a lot of TotalBiscuit and northernlion. At this point I'm easily willing to sign both of them as an inspiration. The former always looking like he's having a hell of a good time, and the latter making his living on the same and being an honest person in a sea of a hell of a lot of adversity. "They made me say quote I want to do that"

TR: What are your goals for streaming?

Azrhi: Well... the dream is to make it a career. I have no illusions of how daunting such a task is, I know full well it's an implausibility. Nonetheless, every new follower does bolster my confidence. The current mini goal is 50 followers, bonus points if by the end of April.

TR: What led to the decision in your format for this charity stream over just a simple play through format?

Azrhi: Very spur of the moment. I like long form content, and while this of course wont encompass the whole of my Dark Souls 3 experience, this will stand to be a hell of a lot of fun. Maybe some minor regret.

TR: Any words on why potential watchers should support your charity stream over similar events?

Azrhi: Very little. It's a good cause. Chip in for what you believe is good if you can, don't if you cant. I hope you enjoy the show regardless.

TR: What has been your greatest successes so far in streaming?

Azrhi: The few followers I have I am extremely grateful for, and regulars at that. I didn't expect regulars so soon, so kudos to them for putting up with me. Second place goes to simply making the thing work, and at a good quality. Time Warner cable upload speeds in my area are only barely suited to this.

TR: Any comments or thoughts about what streaming for charity has done or can do in the future?

Azrhi:The beauty of charity streams lie in their power to unify people for a common good with the the promise of people getting some laughs over blends of stupid, insane, and hilarious shit. In my part, it'll likely be more of the stupid, and hopefully hilarious to the audience.

TR: Any additional info you'd like to throw in for our readers?

Azrhi: A few notes of clarification. First, no guarantee I can beat the game in what is the promised 6 hour minimum stream. Second, I feel it is appropriate to wear my heart on my sleeve in regards to this. There's a criticism I preemptively want to address in that this is a clear marketing ploy. It most certainly is, but while that is a factor, that doesn't mean I don't want to help this cause. Indeed in trying to organize this, there stands to be a lot more that can be done in regards to actually helping people, then there is in me just donating a piddly amount on my own. I say this understanding that people don't really have a reason to trust some kind of no-name streamer. I accept that, knowing that there's nothing I can really do about that at this point. While there is indeed some self-interest serving here, I do indeed most definitely want to help with this charity fundraiser. To that end, within the stream rules and anywhere else related to this event, I've not asked for any subscriptions or followers or anything of the like. I'll only ask for such in the case that whoever watches truly and sincerely does like the cut of my jib. I hope that that much does indeed come through clear.

The date of the stream will be on April 16th, 2016, at 12pm Mountain Time on Azrhi's Twitch channel as mentioned above.


UPDATE: Upon receiving new information as well as some clarification, we have corrected some details and added in new info, as well as correcting an error in time zone. The information above has been changed to reflect this. Corrections and changes as follows: The shot of hot sauce happens at $50, with $200 milestones having something more potent. Added in clarification that Azrhi will attempt to get as far as he can within allotted time. Corrected the time zone to Mountain time, not Central time.

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