The Chant Release Date Awakens This November

Published: August 18, 2022 10:27 AM /


A rather spooky-looking figure in The Chant

Brass Token and Prime Matter have unveiled the forthcoming The Chant release date. The spooky action-adventure game will launch for PC and current-gen consoles this November, bringing eldritch horrors and frantic melee combat with it when it does.

When is this The Chant release date then?

Prepare the ritual ingredients and get ready to summon the Old Ones into the world, because the upcoming The Chant release date has been set for November 3rd. Brass Token is promising an adventure that looks into "the dark sides of cultism" (although I'm struggling to think of the upsides, honestly). Set on an island intended for a peaceful spiritual retreat, The Chant revolves around a botched ritual that summons occult entities to said island. The retreat's attendees must face those horrors, but must also look inward and battle their own demons in the grand tradition of the greatest horror games. You can check out the "New Age Cult" trailer that accompanied The Chant's release date announcement right here.

How does The Chant gameplay work?

The Chant revolves largely around its melee combat, which will see you using a variety of weapons and techniques to take on the eldritch monsters infesting the island. You can either choose to fight or to flee, so you'll need to measure each combat encounter carefully. As well as combat, you'll also have the chance to gather resources, craft equipment for yourself, and upgrade your "mind, body, and spirit" to access new abilities, too. 

A grotesque creature attacking the player in The Chant
The Chant will have plenty of grotesque monsters for you to fight.

The Chant is inspired by 70s psych horror and boasts an electronic rock soundtrack, too, so if you love movies like Dario Argento's Suspiria (the original, of course), then you'll dig this too. Publisher Prime Matter is also publishing the upcoming System Shock remake, so the studio knows its horror onions. The game will launch for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on November 3rd, so make sure to add it to your wishlist if you're looking forward to it.


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