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Published: October 26, 2020 11:13 AM /


The main artwork for The Amazing American Circus

Klabater has announced the third game in its trilogy of historically-focused narrative adventure games. Following on from We. The Revolution and Help Will Come Tomorrow, The Amazing American Circus is a blend of card game, tycoon, and adventure game coming to PC and consoles next year.

What is The Amazing American Circus?

According to Klabater and developer Juggler Games, The Amazing American Circus tells the story of an impoverished travelling circus owner looking to make a name for themselves. Set against the backdrop of the Gilded Age (around 1870 to 1900), The Amazing American Circus sees you grappling with industry titan PT Barnum in order to establish yourself as a circus proprietor. You can check out the trailer for The Amazing American Circus right here:

Gameplay-wise, The Amazing American Circus promises a unique mixture of three different genres. Shows will take the form of card duels against your audience. You'll need to stave off their boredom using your unique performance and trick cards. What works for one region won't necessarily work for another, either, so you'll need to tailor your deck accordingly depending on where you're currently travelling to. You'll also need to recruit new circus performers, uncover their stories, and navigate the difficult personal politics of a Gilded Age-era circus troupe.

What is The Amazing American Circus Release Date?

A card duel in The Amazing American Circus
Shows take the form of card duels in The Amazing American Circus.

You'll be able to play The Amazing American Circus when it launches for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2021, as well as Next Generation consoles.. We don't have a more specific release window than that yet, unfortunately, so stay tuned for more info. We'll bring you more on this game as soon as we get it.

Are you looking forward to checking out this rather unique circus management game? Let us know in the comments below!

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