Chains of Fury Brings Comicbook FPS to Switch and PC

Published: October 30, 2019 4:45 PM /


Chains of Fury

If you've needed some classic FPS action to get you back in the mood, Chains of Fury is a brand new game looking to give you exactly that.

A retro FPS taking place in a world stylized to look like a comic book, Chains of Fury sure has the art style to catch attention. However, it's more than a pretty face. Using your fists, a shotgun, a minigun, and more, you'll be blowing away swarms of enemies as they attack you. You'll also be blowing away walls. One of the big features of the game is that you can shoot through walls to travel where you want, and even collapse ceilings on your enemies. According to the developers, the player can destroy "at least 80% of the walls" in every level of the game.

Chains of Fury is being co-developed by a pair of Polish game studios: Cobble Games and Art Games Studio S.A. Cobble Games CEO Krzysztof Orzędowski had the following to say about the release:

Chains of Fury in a certain sense is a tribute to the old FPS's for their uncompromising fun and graphic novels. Among the inspiration behind Chains of Fury, I can mention the cult comic series Lobo and Hellboy as well as drawings by Mike Mignola. The gameplay itself will be intensive, brutal and bloody but of course within the limits of the slightly grotesque comic convention.

Art Games Studio CEO Jakub Bąk chipped in with the following:

This will be a breath of fresh air in the FPS shooter segment. Chains of Fury in a unique way will combine the experiences known to players from games from years ago with contemporary and proven solutions. Hypnotizing comic stylistics and the wide possibilities to destroy the environment will allow players to finally receive a title that will certainly be remembered for a long time

Chains of Fury will be launching on PC and Nintendo Switch in Q4 2020.

How do you feel about Chains of Fury? Are you excited for some old school shooting? Am I the only one who read the title wrong and got the wrong idea on what this game is about? Let us know in the comments below!


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