CES 2014 Sony Announces Playstation Now

Published: January 8, 2014 11:00 AM /



Sony's purchase  of Gaikai is already showing a great future ahead with the announcement of Playstation Now at CES during Sony's Keynote.  Sony plans to bring streaming of PS1, PS2 and PS3 games this summer to your Playstation Vita, Tablet, Smartphone, PS4 and TV.  

Sony had a demo to show off the streaming of Beyond: Two Souls on a Sony Bravia TV (without a Playstation 3) and  The Last of Us on a Playstation Vita.  Early hands on showed exactly what Sony promised, lag free gameplay.  Now to how well it will perform outside of a controlled environment we will have to wait to see.  Sony announced that a closed Beta will start later in January with the official rollout sometime this summer.


What makes this news exciting, is that Sony is not holding Playstation Now to specific Sony devices.  In their official annoucement, they state: "Sony and non-Sony devices, Playstation Now will be available on the electronic devices gamers use most."  If Sony can partner with Android and IOS devices they could easily dominate the video game market.  The idea of play anywhere and move it to where you currently are is an awesome idea and as long as Sony can execute count me in!

Check out the CES Keynote below for the announcement, starts at about 42:00.


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