Centennial Horror Arrives This Spring in Worldend Syndrome

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Today publisher PQube and developer Arc System Works announced that their new Visual Novel, Worldend Syndrome will arrive on the Switch and PlayStation 4 in the west this spring. This horror adventure includes art and character design by Yuki Kato, the lead artist for the Blazblue series, backgrounds with moving details, and a variety of art for each character.

In the town of Mihate-chou, a transfer student finds himself in a colorful and exciting new home.

"The smell of the sea, the sound of the waves - Mihate-chou is a gorgeous town!"

It was here they hoped to leave behind a painful past school life. However not is all is at it seems in the ideal seaside town. As a horror from long ago waits just below this happy surface. Passing the time he finds himself making friends, joining clubs, pursuing a love life and generally living his life. But something still nags at the back of his mind, there had to be something wrong with this almost perfect place. There had to be some darkness that lies below the beautiful surface, and he fears what might just be there below the surface. But with even that, disappearances and corpses that spring to life every 100 years, that had to be a joke...right?

You can find the trailer and screenshots for this grisly tale of love and horror below.


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There are five romanceable heroines, each with their own affection meter and multiples endings, await you in this horror adventure. But while balancing your school and love life, you'll also have to explore the town across multiple maps and times of day, alongside the Mystery Club in pursuit of the truth. By solving minor incidents around town you'll, and romancing the game's heroines slowly the horror of the Yomibito, an event in which the dead are rumored to return every century, will reveal itself. Only then will the game's final route reveal itself.

While best known for their fighting games, which include the likes of BlazBlue and Guilty Gear, developer Arc System Works is also known for their deep visual novels. Such titles as XBlaze and its sequel have exposed their audience to interesting characters, gripping plots, and deep lore that bind together events across centuries and universes.

Publisher PQube has released English language versions of some of today's most popular Japanese franchises. If you've played the likes of Steins;Gate or any number of visual novels of the past several years, there is a good chance  PQube was involved in their coming to America or the UK.

Worldend Syndrome arrives on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 this spring.

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