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Published: September 5, 2019 9:38 PM /


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Today developer Matt Thorson has announced that the developers of hit indie platformer Celeste and competitive game TowerFall will be sticking together as an indie developer known as Extremely OK Games, and that the chapter 9 expansion for Celeste will be coming for free on September 9th.

Originally working under the name Matt Makes Games, the team behind Celeste and TowerFall has decided to move into a proper office Vancouver and form a proper company, now known as Extremely OK Games. The reason stated behind this change is that working together as a team in-person makes the game development process smoother. Thorson also noted that with more people than themself contributing to the work on the games, calling their group "Matt Makes Games" felt silly. They also wrote that forming the new company means that they could restructure ownership, giving all team members an equal share. The team's website currently lists only TowerFall and Celeste as their projects but does also have a third spot marked as "Mystery Game" meaning they got something new in the works.

Before they get to that mystery game, Celeste is getting a new chapter. Going under the name Chapter 9: Farewell, the new chapter will serve as an epilogue to the game's story. The post says it will contain 100+ new levels, which brings the total in the game to over 800, but will not have a B or C side to the story. It will also have new music and mechanics. The goal of the chapter is to "reconnect with beloved characters for a final goodbye", but details are kept to a minimum to avoid spoilers. The new chapter can be accessed simply by beating chapter 8. Finally, it's noted that, with the final chapter done, the game's physical run with Limited Run will finally enter production.

Celeste Chapter 9: Farewell will be launching on PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch for free on September 9th. Extremely OK Games said the goal is to get the Xbox One version out on that day too, but it may get a slight delay compared to the others.

Excited for the last chapter of Celeste? Huge fan of the game? Think it really is extremely ok? Let us know in the comments below!

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