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CCP Games Announce EVE Online Grief Counseling for New Players Losing First Ships

September 6, 2019

By: Samuel Guglielmo


EVE Online is a tough game. In fact, I wouldn't even call it a game and would instead call it a collection of spreadsheets or something. Still, people seem to enjoy playing it. Now CCP Games is hoping that they can get new players to stick around after an initial loss.

Mentioned at the annual fanfest, which had part of the event held inside of a player's house this year, the idea came about when the CEO noticed that EVE Online attracted many players each month, but could rarely get them to stay beyond a week. So they're trying a new system to get players over one of the biggest first hurdles: losing your first ship. Right now CCP notes that many players quit the game upon losing their first ship, as they don't understand what happened. A new tool will allow moderators to be alerted when a new player has lost their ship, and they can manually contact that player to try and explain what went wrong and how they can improve, along with giving them a new ship.


This is just one of many systems that are being used to try and help newbie experience. Some others highlighted included the Agency, which helps teach players how to participate in various activities. In addition, there's also a meet and greet system where mods will get an alert when a player has logged on for the first time, allowing them to answer questions and attempt to guide this new player.

If you're willing to try and scale a particularly insane learning cliff, EVE Online is currently available on PCs for free. You can also subscribe to "Omega Time" to unlock premium content for $14.99 a month.


Have you lost a ship in EVE Online? Do you need grief counseling? Can you please lay down on this couch? Tell me about your parents in the comments below!

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