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Published: June 13, 2020 1:22 PM /


Just Die Already title

There are indie games, then there are bizarre indie games, and then there are bizarre indie games with crudely off-the-wall setups, such as Just Die Already: Old People Mayhem Sandbox. If that's your dig, the last bit from Kinda Funny's portion of the Guerrilla Collective stream was for you.

Beginning with a message "Hideo Kojima Please Unblock My Number", a trailer began in clear spoof of Death Stranding's first teaser. It showed a lot of dead crabs on a beach - in fact, a ridiculous number of dead crabs - before transitioning to body parts, and then - the tell-tale signs things were getting goofy - a plunger. Next, a naked old man, private parts blurred, was shown slowly standing up and hugging a sausage.

A panorama of a city was next shown, with some kind of mayhem going on inside. This is when the lovely title Just Die Already: Old People Mayhem Sandbox appeared onscreen.

Turns out that in the game you play as a retired old person and life has gotten rough. Millennials haven't been working enough, or having enough kids, to pay for pensions, and so you must take your survival into your own hands. This means roaming the streets and causing chaos.

Just Die Already will be a sandbox game involving, well, old people and mayhem. The wild title suggests a game based on crude and dark humor. From DoubleMoose, the developers of Goat Simulator, there are surely plenty of chaotic antics within.

If that's your thing, be sure to check back for any more news. You can also check out the "naked reveal" trailer below, but be warned: it is quite off-the-wall:

Interested in causing mayhem as old people? Would you prefer to pass and stick to causing mayhem as goats? Sound off in the comment below!

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