Cause Mayhem And Destruction in VR Nautical Combat Game Battlewake

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Cause Mayhem And Destruction in VR Nautical Combat Game Battlewake

Have you ever wanted to be a supernatural pirate, steering your own ship and delivering mayhem on the high seas? If so, here's the game for you. VR games developer Survios has just announced Battlewake, a VR nautical combat action game where you play as a high-powered Pirate Lord embarking on a larger-than-life high-seas mayhem adventure and taking part in a nautical war for the ages.

As you drive the steering wheel of your ship, you'll be able to unleash an arsenal of magical powers against your opponents. You'll navigate your vessel into prime positions for broadside attacks, ramming, and other such brute force assaults. Battlewake features a fully-armed and upgradable warship. There are thirteen different ship-based weapons you can use to upgrade it, and they draw inspiration from naval battles real and imagined.

You can play as one of four Pirate Lords, channeling ancient magical sources for special and ultimate attacks. You'll unleash might tsunamis, send your enemies' ships flying in stormy maelstroms, and even literally release the Kraken. Battlewake comes in multiple game modes for every playstyle, from single-player PvE to cooperative multiplayer gauntlets and PvP deathmatches. It's a rip-roaring vehicular VR action adventure with plenty of chaos and thrills.

The VR technology used in Battlewake is based on the "teleshift" and fluid locomotion of Survios' previous games, Raw Data (Our Review) and Spring Vector, where they made great strides in challenging the standards of VR movement. Battlewake is the Survios' first venture into vehicular movement and combat in VR, with their own proprietary technology called the Immersive Vehicle System, which uses adaptive physics and peripheral effects subsystems so that players can focus on the battle at hand and take on the wildest waves, and sea-sickness is all but eliminated. They've also designed a reactive water system, so the sea can turn from peaceful to extreme rapidly as comets and tentacles blast into the water and bosses arrive sending out shockwaves. There are plenty of whirlpools, tidal waves and maelstroms, making for truly epic battles. Survios has also finely tuned their games for location-based entertainment by reaching the widest VR arcade distribution network in the world. The arcade build will be a great combat party game for up to 10 players.

You can now apply for closed beta access at the official websiteBattlewake will be released in the summer of 2019 in VR arcades, and the release across retail VR platforms is yet to be announced. Check out our interview with Survios from earlier this year here.

What do you think of Battlewake? Were you hoping for a nautical combat VR game, or are you satisfied with standard nautical combat games? Let us know in the comments below!

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