Canceled Castlevania Game Castlevania Resurrection Demo Found

Published: April 5, 2021 10:46 AM /


Castlevania Resurrection

Castlevania Resurrection is a canceled Dreamcast title that was set in 1666 and would have had Sonia Belmont and Victor Belmont meeting via time travel. Long thought lost and seen as a holy grail for collectors and videogame archaeologists, it has been known to a small fanbase that it had been shown to the press, but nothing else. It has finally been found and gameplay has even been posted online, which is pretty remarkable considering how long it has been since it last saw the light of day.

The game currently isn't online for everyone to play and experience at the moment as while its owner has preserved the disc, they are seemingly content with showing off the disc and gameplay and doing nothing else. Fair enough, but considering how fragile discs are it would be a shame if it wasn't backed up properly for preservation purposes.

The game's story would have had Victory Belmont as a vampire hunter of the 1800s who had "abandoned his lineage and left the area in fear of his fate of a vampire killer. The players were going to face a woman-vampire as the main opponent." Why was the game never released? Well, according to the artistic director of the title Greg Orduyan, Konami didn't have confidence in the Dreamcast, which is strange logic considering they could have then released it to the PS2... but I digress.

In the demo, there are 5 environments and one boss fight that are in one stage of the game, and most areas do not connect with one another. One does not load, and they can all be accessed via the Start menu. It's an early beta and not close to being a finished product. Still, it's definitely a cool bit of gaming history that was thought lost, and even if it's not publicly released at least we know it still exists.

What do you think of this news? Were you ever waiting for Castlevania Resurrection to release back in the day? Let us know in the comments!


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