Cars in next gen GTA V feeling a bit sluggish? Take off your turbo *Update*

Published: November 20, 2014 11:12 PM /


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**UPDATE** The latest patch deployed only hours ago has seemed to fix the problem among many other issues!
Next gen GTA V’s  launch hasn’t been the smoothest. Problems with online character transfers from old generation, and trouble finding populated rooms in GTA: Online have been among the most annoying. But one of the many things fans have noticed is that cars just don’t perform the same as they used to. [youtube]A video by YouTube user Broughy1322 showed that vehicles in next gen GTA V were objectively slower then they were in the old generation. Fans were puzzled as to why that was, as it was a pretty dramatic speed decrease, losing several seconds on lap times, for no apparent technical reason. It was brought to the attention of the popular gta forums, where a large thread discussing possible reasons for the massive speed decrease were discussed.

[youtube]After much testing, Broughy1322 released a second video where he’s shares the finding that the turbo upgrade available at Los Santos Customs in game actually makes your car far slower! It’s not insignificant too, Broughy1322 lost a whole second on a long straightaway after putting on a turbo, making it slower than if the car was stock! The video was also shared on this gta forums thread.

My advice? If you’re an avid car collector or racer in GTA like myself, take off your turbo and spam Rockstar support so that they are aware of the problem. Considering that the turbo is the most expensive upgrades (upwards of 30000 in online depending on the vehicle), I feel like that when the bug is fixed that we should be able to replace the turbo for free.


Hopefully this gets fixed soon as it really is an expensive detriment to the quality of racing both on and offline. While you wait for a patch, enjoy the fact that next gen GTA V allows you to play as animals and maul innocent civilians. Have fun!

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