Capture Ghosts With Your Friends in Ghost Patrol VR

Published: June 16, 2020 12:40 PM /


Ghost Patrol VR

In one of their rapid-fire reveals at the Upload VR Showcase, we see a hilariously spooky co-op VR shooter with Ghost Patrol VR

Ghost Patrol VR is a quirky little 3-D shooter where players must capture color-coded ghosts with specific colored streams. As they capture these cooky spectors, they are also exploring a dilapidated mansion, filled with secrets and obstacles to navigate through. This includes charging mysterious, glowing orbs that can activate platforms and even transform the hallways around you. After a while, players will encounter large boss ghost, known as the Ghost King, and must use teamwork to defeat them.

Ghost Patrol gives off a hybrid Ghostbusters meets Luigi's Mansion vibe, utilizing the VR mechanics cleverly by providing full 360-degree movement and co-op gameplay. Dynamic sound and lighting also help contribute to the atmosphere, making the already colorful world just a bit spookier for you. The ghosts you face are relentless and keep changing color, so players need to be quick with their blasters to capture them. Players will be working together, but are also competing against each other for high scores.

What is unique about Ghost Patrol is that it is an arcade game, the first ever arcade game showcased at the Upload VR Showcase. Publisher Vertigo Arcades is handing the shipment of Ghost Patrol to free-roam co-location sections.

Vertigo Arcades is hoping to push VR arcades in a big way, mostly in response to the COVID-19 epidemic which has lead to the shutdown of many arcades across the country. Part of that is not just producing Ghost Patrol, but giving relief to various arcades, from license extensions to deferring loan payments for a period of time. 

"We are ready to help boost back up this industry full of creativity and innovation with the right collaboration and support,” says Mário Gonçalves, Account Manager at Vertigo Arcades.

As for Ghost Patrol, it is set to release in arcades on June 30th. 

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