Two superheroes watching a battle unfold in new superhero strategy RPG Capes

Capes Is A Superhero RPG From Former Hand Of Fate Devs

August 18, 2022

By: Joseph Allen


True to its name, it seems Hand of Fate developer Defiant Development is not dead...sort of. Several ex-Defiant staffers have returned to form new studio Spitfire Interactive, which has just announced its first project: Capes, a dark superhero strategy RPG set in a supervillain-dominated world.

What is Capes all about?

Although Defiant Development closed its doors back in 2019, several of its "key team members" have returned to form Spitfire Interactive, according to a press release. This new studio is now working on Capes, a gritty superhero RPG set in a world without heroes. Capes' world has been run by supervillains for almost two decades, but a new generation of heroes is rising up, and it's up to them (and, naturally, you) to bring an end to the villains' reign of terror and restore peace to the land.


A chaotic battle in Capes, the new superhero RPG from former Hand of Fate devs Spitfire Interactive
Capes promises to be a dark, gritty superhero RPG with plenty of customization and tactical gameplay on offer.

During missions, you'll need to balance tactical RPG gameplay with rescuing civilians, who may have been trapped by debris or stuck in other perilous situations. Certain units will be better-suited to situations than others, necessitating a varied and diverse team. The diversity doesn't just extend to the powers, either; Spitfire says there will be "a variety of ethnicities, genders, hopes, and dreams" available in Capes.

Your squad can be upgraded, and you can even combine superpowers to devastating effect. If you're a fan of games like Freedom Force, on which Capes director Morgan Jaffit was a writer alongside Ken Levine, you'll like this too, although Capes is turn-based where Freedom Force was real-time. Here's hoping this one fares a little better than Ken Levine's newest project is apparently doing, though.


When is the Capes release date?

A battle in Capes
Capes is headed your way next year.

We don't yet know exactly when the Capes release date is. According to Spitfire, the game is headed to Steam in Q1 2023, but we don't know any more than that just yet. What we do know is that Spitfire Interactive will be unveiling more information about this exciting-looking superhero RPG at Gamescom, so if you're looking forward to checking this one out, make sure you stay glued to Gamescom. We'll bring you more on this one as soon as we get it, so stay tuned.