For Sale Capcom

Capcom For Sale

June 17, 2014 4:40 PM

By: Bryan Heraghty


During their latest investor's meeting,  Capcom decided to end their "takeover defense" a series of practices designed to keep outside parties from buying the company outright.  This means there is now a possibility (however unlikely) for other companies to buy 51 percent of the company,  effectively making them the controlling party of Capcom and it's franchises.

Any company with the funds could purchase the famous third party developer,  but many gamers seem keen to the idea of Nintendo purchasing or absorbing part or all of Capcom. Petitions have sprouted up around the web for Nintendo to take advantage of the sale. Here is a petition hoping for Nintendo to buy the Mega man franchise and bring Keiji Inafune on board. Another petition asks The Big N to outright purchase Capcom whole.




Street Fighter Nintendo

Perhaps more interesting than Nintendo buying Capcom would be the just a possible chance that a non-gaming company may swoop in and take over. If a company was looking to get into the gaming industry, but was worried about starting from the ground up with completely new franchises, now would be the perfect time. If say Samsung, Phillips (who has actually created game consoles in the past), or any other company interested in an acquisition would be starting their games business with well tested franchises. Such titles as Resident Evil, Mega Man, Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, and Devil May Cry.



Would you like to see Capcom bought out? Could Nintendo do a better job with Mega Man? Tell us in the comments!

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