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Capcom Reveals Devil May Cry 5's Co-Op System

December 10, 2018

By: Robert Scarpinito


Back in September, Devil May Cry 5's listing on the PlayStation Store hinted at a possible multiplayer mode for the primarily single-player franchise. When asked about it, game director Hideaki Itsuno asked for people to wait and see. We've waited, and a post on Capcom's blog has revealed the new Cameo System. Through it, players make guest appearances in other people's games in real time.

Devil May Cry 5 features three playable characters: Dante, Nero, and V. They each have their own set of missions, but they occasionally overlap, with two or more demon slayers working the same one. When this happens, if a player is connected to the internet, they'll connect with someone else playing as the other character(s). When offline, ghost gameplay data of the in-house development team will control the guest cameos instead.


The in-depth blog post comes after the game's newest trailer was played at The Game Awards 2018. The trailer leaked earlier than expected by Xbox Portugal's Facebook page, but it showcased the three demon hunters nonetheless. Toward the end of the video, footage of multiple hunters fighting demons demonstrates the Cameo System.

devil may cry 5 co op gameplay
Both Nero and V are working together.


The newest face to join the fray, V, gets a prominent segment in the four-minute video, previewing his unprecedented combat style. The blog post provides more details on how he plays. Instead of using a sword, like Dante and Nero, V uses a cane and three demons to defeat enemies. Griffon the thunderbird, Shadow the panther, and the intimidating Nightmare join V in the fight.

"And the best part is each demon is controlled independently, which lends itself to sick and over-the-top combos," the blog post states. "I can’t wait to see the craziest of combos when you get hands-on time with V."

An Xbox One exclusive trailer dropped for the game on Dec. 7, featuring "nearly an entire mission." The demo only features Nero and his Devil Breakers, and it concludes with a boss fight against Goliath. The demo is available until Jan. 6.

Devil May Cry 5 will release on March 8 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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