Capcom Pro Tour 2017: Post-Evo Leaderboard Analysis

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Capcom Pro Tour 2017

At the beginning of this year, Capcom announced some key changes to their point system for 2017's Pro Tour. There were no longer any automatic qualification spots except for two: the previous year's Capcom Cup champion (NuckleDu in this case) and whoever wins the Last Chance invitational (participants decided by regional points) later in the year. The remaining thirty spots will be decided by global point acquisition, meaning that this year, CPT rewards consistency across multiple events instead of having one big win. Thus, players will be more enticed to travel to as many premieres as possible, especially if they find themselves in a spot on the leaderboard where they can be overtaken very easily, or if they're only a hair's breadth away from breaking into the top 30.

Evo, being the massive event that it is, awards far more points than the usual premiere events like Combo Breaker or CEO. The Evo champion is given 1000 points instead of 400, second place is given 700 points instead of 250, third place is given 500 points instead of 200, and so on. Smaller, region-exclusive ranking events award players 160 points for first place, 100 for second, 70 for third, etcetera. This is a positive change because breaking into the top 8 of Evo, an event that draws in every half-decent talent from every corner of the world, is far more difficult than winning a regional event. Because of Evo being such a gold mine for points, getting a good enough placing there can single-handedly secure a player a spot for Capcom Cup in December. So where do our world warriors stand? Let's find out. If you wish to visit the leaderboards on your own, click here to be taken to it on Shoryuken.

cpt 2017 1

First off, Punk stands tall in first place as he has for the last few months. With nearly 2000 points now, since his second placing at Evo has given him a boost of 700, there's absolutely no way he won't qualify for Capcom Cup. He could stop going to events entirely if he wanted (but he has sponsors to please and a fighter's appetite to satisfy) and he'd still be able to compete. The sentiment is shared with the other three pros sitting at over 1000 points: Tokido, NuckleDu, and Bonchan. NuckleDu and Bonchan have both maintained high positions since the beginning of the year, so placing 5th and 9th at Evo respectively doesn't damage their place on the board by much. However, Tokido taking home the big W made him jump up by nine places.

cpt 2017 2

Immediately below them is Itabashi Zangief, whose 4th place finish also bumped him up a respectable eight places. Haitani, who finished 9th with Bonchan, actually maintains his spot in 6th place on the CPT board; one of the few whose position is unchanged. Then we have Snake Eyez, whose two excellent showings at Combo Breaker and CEO helped skyrocket him to 7th on the board in the last two months. However, due to dropping out of Evo at 65th, he's only given a meager 20 points to add to his CPT score but only drops in rank by three places. Xian, who kicked off the 2017 season with a blowout with his fantastic Ibuki, fared marginally better with a 49th place Evo finish, awarding him 40 CPT points but also dropping him by three places. With only 21 total points separating these four, any of them can overtake the others depending on how they fare in their next tournament.

cpt 2017 3

At 9th sits Kazunoko with a 880 point total after his 3rd place Evo finish grants him a whopping 500. It also launched him up by a staggering fourteen places on the leaderboard. Yukadon, another Ibuki (and formerly Nash) main, comes in at a somewhat distant 10th after falling three places on the CPT ranks, with his 17th place finish at Evo awarding him 130 points. Verloren, the new Korean sensation, comes in at 11th on the CPT board after his 9th place Evo placing granted him a 200 point boost, helping him jump three place in the global ranks. Oil King is at a very close 12th, only ten points below Verloren, but his 33rd place finish at Evo drops him by four spots on the CPT list. With 140 total points barricading these four from each other, they're not brushing shoulders as closely as Itabashi, Haitani, Snake Eyez, and Xian are, but they're all still in very comfortable spots that are still very likely to secure their eligibility for Capcom Cup.

cpt 2017 4

Phenom, Fuudo, Filipino Champ, MenaRD, Justin Wong, Smug, and NYChrisG all follow, in that order, with a tiny 95 points keeping them apart, meaning any one of them can blow past the others in one regional event win or a top 4 placing in a premiere tournament. The biggest winner of this group is Filipino Champ, who gained 250 points and jumped up five places thanks to his 7th place finish at Evo. MenaRD saw the biggest drop of six places after only nabbing 20 points with his 65th place Evo finish.

The remaining players on the board have less than 500 points. Luffy, who's at 20th place, has 491 points, and Brain F and MOV, who are tied at 30th, have 380. With a volatile amount of 111 points between these twelve players, they'll be trading ranks and qualification status constantly until December. However, the biggest winner of this side of the board is Moke, who was almost completely unknown before Evo, but his sudden 5th place win granted him 320 points, which skyrocketed him upward by a neckbreaking 37 places on the CPT rankings.

After Brian F and MOV are the remaining players who are not qualified for Capcom Cup, but some of them are worth keeping an eye on, because they're close enough to be able to sneak in. Problem X, Mago, XsK Samurai, Brolynho, Mister Crimson, 801 Strider, and PR Balrog are all very skilled players who have the potential to dominate one or two events and break through the qualification barrier before the end of the tour. You also have the legend, the icon, the Beast himself, Daigo Umehara, who has only 240 points right now but can grind out what he needs during the summer and fall events and squeeze through, just as he did last year.

This concludes the post-Evo CPT leaderboard analysis. We look forward to seeing how the standing change before December, as we might get some surprises in the meantime!

Which non-qualify players do you think have the best chance of sliding in? Which currently qualifying player do you think will be pushed out? Who will win Capcom Cup? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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