Cannibal Cuisine Lets You Cook with Spices, Traditional Ingredients, and Magic

Use traditional cooking techniques, recipes, ingredients, and even magic in this 4-player action-packed cooking challenge game.

Published: May 7, 2020 4:37 PM /


Cannibal Cuisine

There seems to be a market, or rather an appetite, for cooking titles on the Nintendo Switch. Cook Serve Delicious 2, Overcooked 2, Cooking Mama: Cookstar, and others fall under the cooking category, but none of them delivers the experienced developer and publisher Rocket Vulture promises.

Their newly announced title, Cannibal Cuisine, is an action-packed cooking challenge for up to 4 players.

You will get to use traditional cooking techniques, recipes, ingredients, but what sets the game apart is you can use magic. Players will get to choose a special voodoo power prior to beginning each game, varying from the ability to cook faster with fire breath to stomp-stunning tourists. As a chef, you will have to run the kitchen and manage both the fruit pickers and tourist hunters' crews. This is where your management skills are truly put to the test.

As you progress through Cannibal Cuisine, you will start facing challenges beyond just getting the food done, as you will have to "dodge lava, board boats, and avoid spikes."

The title offers players 24 levels to go through in the story campaign, while those who like a bit of competition can hop online and battle it out against cooks from around the world. If Cannibal Cuisine sparked your interest, the title is currently in its open beta.

The developer is testing out the servers and listening to fans' feedback to take them into account prior to the game's official release. All you have to do is download the demo available through the Steam page to participate.

Cannibal Cuisine releases on May 20th for PC and Nintendo Switch.

Did Cannibal Cuisine interest you with its unique blend of cooking mechanics and magic? Will it be a direct contender to Overcooked on the Nintendo Switch?

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