Call of Duty: Warzone Testers Planning Walkout Due to Raven Software Layoffs

Published: December 6, 2021 1:40 PM /


Call of Duty: Warzone Testers Raven Software walkout header image

A group of Call of Duty: Warzone testers at Raven Software are planning a walkout at the company following the layoff of 20 temporary workers due to a restructuring scheme at the company.

According to Bloomberg, Activision Blizzard is engaged in a process to convert approximately 500 temporary workers to full-time positions. Unfortunately, it has decided not to renew the contracts for a small portion of employees. This action has resulted in a larger group of Raven Software employees banding together to stage a walkout until the decision is reversed.

Raven Software Testers Walkout Over Call of Duty: Warzone Layoffs

Activision Blizzard has not responded to the walkout of Call of Duty: Warzone testers at Raven Software. However, it did explain the underlying cause for the walkout in a short statement provided to Bloomberg.

"We are converting approximately 500 temporary workers to full-time employees in the coming months," Activision Blizzard said in a statement. "Unfortunately, as part of this change, we also have notified 20 temporary workers across studios that their contracts would not be extended."

The walkout is planned to take place ahead of the launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard Season One and Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific, a new wave of post-launch content for the Call of Duty franchise. Warzone, in particular, has proven to be a highly popular game, breaking the 50 million player milestone in April of last year. The affected employees say that they will remain off the job until the layoffs are reversed.

This is not the first time that a walkout has taken place at an Activision-Blizzard company. Earlier this year, a group of Activision Blizzard employees walked out over harassment allegations raised in a lawsuit brought against the company by the state of California. Another walkout took place in November of this year following a new wave of allegations against the company raised by The Wall Street Journal.

These walkouts are part of a continuing saga at Activision Blizzard where employees are fighting for better working conditions. Most recently, several U.S. state treasurers who collectively manage over $1 trillion in assets have demanded a meeting with Activision Blizzard over its declining stock price.