The Caligula Effect Arrives May 2nd for PS Vita

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The Caligula Effect

JRPG The Caligula Effect is coming to the Americas and Europe this spring. Originally titled Caligula in Japan and released in 2016, Atlus and FuRyu Corporation have localized the game and are bringing it West. The Caligula Effect will be released as a digital download for PlayStation Vita on May 2nd.

The Go-Home Club is a group of students at Kishimai High who have discovered that they are living in a virtual reality. This virtual world is called Mobius and it’s run by an omnipotent virtual idol. The students will have to face crazed students, malicious musicians and this idol to gain their freedom.

The Caligula Effect’s story is a dark one in which these high school students must not only face enemies but their own fears and traumas. Written by Persona series author Tadashi Satomi (Persona, Persona 2: Innocent Sin, and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment), players will face various psychological issues in the game. Music also plays a big role in the game and musical artists OSTER project, 40mP, 164, cosMo@Bousou-P, and others have contributed original songs to the project.

With over 500 NPCs, players will have a huge selection to chose from when it comes to recruiting their party members. Each character has a preassigned class and a unique backstory that will be revealed through completing different quests. Choose between offense, support, and other character classes to make up a well-rounded four-member party.

The Caligula Effect
A screenshot of the idol ruling over Mobius.

The battle system used is called “Imaginary Chain” and it requires strategic planning. There are over 100 skills to choose from in battle and attacks can be previewed before executed. Adjusting the timing and ordering of skills will allow characters to chain attacks and maximize damage to their enemies.  

Featuring the original Japanese audio The Caligula Effect is rated T. Pricing information for the game is not yet available. It will be available as a digital download title in the Americas and Europe for PS Vita on May 2nd. Visit the game’s official website here.

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