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Calico Wholesome Games Direct cover

I'm a sucker for slice-of-life stories and games where you can build a world of your own, and Calico looks like it's going to have both. This cuddly new game revealed during Wholesome Games Direct 2020 looks like it will be pretty interesting!

In a fantasy world filled with magical girls (and other cute creatures), you've been placed in charge of the town's dilapidated cat café. It's up to you to pick out the cafés decorations and fill it with tasty snacks! Of course, the main draw of a cat café is, well, the cats — and you'll have to journey through the world to collect those, too.

Calico is the project of a successful Kickstarter campaign. 2,721 backers came together to pledge just over $70,000 to get this game made, more than double its $29,995 goal. Now, the devs at Peachy Keen Games are polishing things up for a release that will hopefully be coming sooner rather than later.

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What Can You Do in Calico?

As we've established, the central premise of this game is to rebuild a cat café. Getting there, however, is going to take a fair bit of work — but it will also be a lot of fun.

Let's start with the important question: yes, you can pet the cat. You can also pick up the cat, jiggle the cat around, and even ride the cat like a majestic steed because magic. All animals in this game are interactive. Once you make friends, you'll be able to name them, add them to your party, or simply send them to chill at the café.

As for yourself, you'll be able to customize your magical person with a character creator. While there will be a measure of clothing selection at the start, you'll be able to find much more to dress up with as you play the game!

Aside from collecting cats, you'll also need to work on the café itself. This is broken down into two further parts: decorating the building and cooking up delicious treats. Players will have to collect furniture for humans and animals alike somehow, and they can also concoct delicious new pastries and treats — some of which can be customized!

You'll be able to play this game when it launches on Steam sometime in Fall 2020. In the meantime, why not add Calico to your wishlist on Steam? You can learn more about this super cute café experience at

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