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Cafe Enchante Comes West This Fall

June 23, 2020

By: Andrew Otton


During the New Game Plus Expo, a trailer for Cafe Enchante was shown off. The visual novel from Otomate is being brought West by Aksys games exclusively for the Switch.

If you're not familiar with Cafe Enchante (known as Gensou Kissa Enchante in Japana), you take on the role of a woman who gets the titular cafe thrown in her lap. After the sudden death of her grandfather, she must take care of the cafe, which is anything from ordinary.


The cafe will see all sorts of guests, from regular folks to some other-worldly beings. Of course, the cafe is more than it appears to be, as it's a meeting place for beings from all sorts of worlds. From demons, to beasts, to angels, and more, there will be plenty of folks to talk to.

Of course, there will be plenty to learn about the colorful characters visiting the cafe, but there's still a lot to learn about Kotone's grandfather as well. It was his cafe after all, and with beings appearing from portals to other worlds, what exactly was her grandfather involved with? Learning about that and those people you meet is what Cafe Enchante is all about.


Oh, and the government starts sniffing around the cafe, watching for these non-humans that appear. So, be prepared for their agents to intervene and become part of the story at some point.

Cafe Enchante releases on the Nintendo Switch sometime this fall.

Andrew Otton

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