The Cabbage Effect: A High Value Adventure

The Cabbage Effect: A High Value Adventure title

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The Cabbage Effect: A High Value Adventure

June 14, 2020

By: Trevor Whalen


The Cabbage Effect: A High Value Adventure was revealed during the Guerrilla Collective day 2 event.

It's being developed by Ninja Garage and looks pretty zany. Imagine if the strangest Wario Ware mini-games were blended with your worst nightmares and then dashed with some hallucinogens. That kind of gets at the experience.

There's a planet made of pizza, for example. Then there are flying skeletons, lightning that turns a guy into a mushroom person, and some really bizarre scenery - like walking corn-on-the-cob. Beneath it all is a twin-stick shooter with procedurally-generated levels. 

Apparently, strange beings attacked earth and only a small team was able to defend it. Presumably taking control of this small team, you'll have absurd weapons, unlockable characters, and environmental objects to bring into the fray. 


According to the developers, the game's narrative is experimental and "explores aesthetic elements of non-verbal storytelling and information noises." 

Whatever it is and however it tells its story, it's coming soon, currently slated for late 2020. (And there may be real-life chickens in it as well.)

The developer, Ninja Garage, has apparently participated in a global game jam before with a title called Marmalade Supersonic. You can visit the developer's website for more information (though do be warned that the site is fairly zany).

You can also watch the trailer below yourself, if you're in the mood for some weirdness:

Quick Take

I'm all for wild new game experiences, but this one may be a bit too off-the-wall for me. Still, you never know, and I bet it'll make for excellent Let's Plays. 

Are you a usual consumer of strange, off-the-wall game experiences? What do you think about Ninja Garages' approach to storytelling in this title? Interested in checking it out? Whatever your thoughts, let us know in the comments below!

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