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Published: May 6, 2015 5:28 PM /


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Bungie revealed on Wednesday the new end activity will be coming to Destiny: House of Wolves when the expansion is released on May 19th. Members of the Bungie team previewed the new activity, Prison of Elders, on a Twitch stream before nearly 150,000 viewers. The stream opened by showing the players how they will access the different Prison of Elders modes, with a base campaign that can be run as many times as the player wants, and several weekly challenge modes with special rewards. The team also discussed a new matchmaking mode for end game activities, to assist players in creating full teams for the arena. Players can enter the Prison of Elders as early as level 28, but certain challenges require higher levels.

Deej, the Community Manager for Bungie, and Matt Sammons, the lead designer for House of Wolves, were joined by comedian Professor Broman, as the three played through a single campaign in Prison of Elders. Urrox’s Grudge prison of elders streamis one of the Challenge Modes that will be made available in the end game activity. This was the first playthrough for Deej and Broman, who commentated on the game as they went. The Prison of Elders works like a horde mode, where players must defeat waves of enemies. The three played through several rounds to reach the end boss, Urrox, the warden of the Prison of Elders. The Prison of Elders mode comes in place of the anticipated raid mode fans have requested, though Bungie has stated new raids are being designed, though they won’t be coming with the House of Wolves. The arena modes also introduce rare items as rewards for challenges, including the rare material Etheric Light required to ascend the highest level items.

The House of Wolves expansion, the second expansion in the Destiny series, will increase the level cap to 34, and will also feature a new competitive mode, the Trials of Osiris, a 3v3 elimination mode. The Reef, a social hub, will be opened in the new expansion as well, with new weapons and gear, and new Crucible multiplayer maps. The new story continuations focus on the Fallen faction House of Wolves.

The reveal of Prison of Elders is supposedly the final showcase prior to the release of House of Wolves, though the release date has already been pushed back. The official House of Wolves preview video will air live on Twitch on Friday.

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