Bungie Raises Over $500,000 For Disaster Relief

Published: September 27, 2017 9:30 AM /



Bungie's disaster relief fund crossed $500,000 last week through sales of a commemorative pin. The pin and associated Destiny 2 emblem, which went on sale on August 30th, represent Bungie's latest philanthropic effort for people around the world. Previously, Bungie raised over one million dollars for Nepalese earthquake relief in 2015, and over $100,000 for Haiti relief in 2010. Bungie has partnered with Direct Relief for their disaster relief and has extended the sale period through October 8th.

The Bungie Foundation, Bungie's nonprofit arm, has already donated $100 000 to Direct Relief so far. Their blog post also indicates that orders will be delayed due to demand. With over 30,000 orders placed so far for the pin, there is truly an "incredible demand." Bungie expects orders to be delayed until mid-October, asking for patience along the way.

The gaming community at large has been raising money nonstop since August. Games Done Quick held "Harvey Relief Done Quick," which raised nearly $230,00; Chris Tartarian's Tiltify fundraiser, which net just under $4,000 in donations; and indie developer Loren Schmidt's itch.io bundle, which gathered over $10,000 in support. With over 50 million people living in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico alone, the amount raised in just three weeks is impressive and sure to increase.

The pin can be purchased on Bungie's store for $14.99 through October 8th, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated.

And as always, we encourage you to get involved in whatever way is most meaningful to you.  If a pin and emblem aren’t your cup of tea, find an organization to donate to or volunteer your time with.  You can also help spread the word to those who are looking for ways to help.

Thank you for being an important part of this community, and thank you for choosing to make a difference.

What do you think of Bungie's efforts in this case with the Destiny 2 pin? How about the gaming community's response to the hurricanes in general? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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