Bungie Is Making Big Changes To Destiny 2's Eververse This Fall

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Bungie Is Making Big Changes To Destiny 2's Eververse This Fall

June 20, 2019

By: Joseph Allen

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Bungie is looking to make some significant changes to Eververse in Destiny 2. The planned changes are coming this September and will include alterations to the economy, the Eververse store, and armor.

First up, all - yes, all - Eververse armor in Destiny 2 will be converted into Universal Ornaments. Bungie says this is because it's not a good feeling to go to the Eververse store and see cool armor with bad gameplay perks. You can apply these Universal Ornaments to all of the Legendary armor sets Bungie will release for Destiny 2 this fall. They'll change the cosmetic appearance of the item but not any of its perks, mods, or stats. If you've already got Eververse armor in your Collections, it'll automatically become Universal Ornaments when the update lands. You'll then be able to apply that Ornament to any Legendary armor coming this fall.

The next big change applies to the game's Bright Dust currency. Bungie is making a switch from what it describes as a "pay - and/or play-to-earn currency" to a play-to-earn reward. From September onwards, you'll earn Bright Dust for completing Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit bounties instead of sharding Bright Engrams. Bungie says it wants players to earn Bright Dust for playing the game rather than spending money and sharding items. Also, beginning September 17th, Eververse items in Collections will cost Glimmer and Legendary Shards instead of Bright Dust.

Finally, Eververse items will no longer dismantle into Bright Dust. Instead, they'll become Legendary Shards and Glimmer. Bungie is encouraging Destiny 2 players to dismantle all Eververse items not in constant use and build up some Bright Dust. You'll be able to spend that Dust on "sweet stuff" as it becomes available in the Eververse store. Everything's changing on September 17th. If you're into Destiny 2, make sure you follow Bungie's advice. You know it makes sense.


Here's a quick TLDR recap if you need it. The following changes are occurring on September 17th this year:

  • All Eververse armor (new and armor you’ve already acquired!) is being converted into Universal Ornaments
  • Universal Ornaments can be attached to any newly acquired Legendary armor
  • Bright Dust is going to come from doing bounties, not dismantling things you spent money on
  • Eververse items can now be pulled from your Collections with Glimmer/Legendary Shards instead of Bright Dust

You can read the full Bungie blog post right here. Meanwhile, check out TechRaptor's review of everyone's favorite looter-shooter.

How do you feel about these Destiny 2 Eververse changes? Let us know in the comments below!

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