Bulletstorm Developer Working On New IP

Published: May 16, 2016 10:34 AM /



The developers behind Painkiller and Bulletstorm are working on a new big-budget shooter. This info comes from an interview with People Can Fly CEO  Sebastian Wojciechowski by Gamepressure.

In the interview, Wojciechowski talks about the studio's experiences since their change to an Epic Games studio in 2013 and their split from Epic Games in 2015. Wojciechowski notes that the initial change in branding  didn't change much for the studio based in Poland, saying that Epic Games already had a majority of the shares of People Can Fly and they just decided to buy the remaining shares as well. After 2 years of working for Epic Games, Wojciechowski decided to regain the studio's independence and thus People Can Fly was once again an independent studio made up of around 40 people.

On the topic of new games, Wojciechowski states that they've been working on a brand new triple A shooter since last year, with the game moving out of the concept phase to active development at the start of this year. While Wojciechowski didn't want to go into detail too much, he did say they have already found a publisher to publish the game. Wojciechowski also says that the team is working on a smaller project as well, but he can't talk specifics about this either. 

Whether this is a return to fast-paced and exceedingly violent gameplay like in Painkiller and Bulletstorm remains to be seen. Since People Can Fly still owns the rights to Bulletstorm it may very well be possible that we'll see a new chapter in the franchise at some point in the future. They are also planning on updating the version of Bulletstorm that is currently on the Steam Store since it still uses Games For Windows Live, a service which has been discontinued. Due to Bulletstorm being published by Electronic Arts, People Can Fly will need to work with the publisher to remove GFWL from the game. When and how this will happen is as of yet unknown, if it happens at all.

Quick Take

I loved Painkiller when it first came out, and I loved Bulletstorm even more. Whatever it is they're working on, I'll make sure to keep me ears and eyes perked up for news. Once we hear anything, you'll be the first to hear. 


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