Build-A-Bear Announces Animal Crossing Crossover

Published: March 10, 2021 10:58 AM /


A Build-A-Bear Workshop, the store soon getting Animal Crossing-themed goods.

The relaxing island life sim Animal Crossing: New Horizons is teaming up with Build-A-Bear Workshop to release a new collection. The teddy bear building retailer will be getting Animal Crossing-themed goods sometime in the upcoming future.

Founded in 1997 in St. Louis, Missouri, Build-A-Bear Workshop is a line of retailers that specialize in teddy bears and other stuffed animals. As the name suggests, one of its biggest features is allowing customers to customize and create their own products, making it one of the largest toy store chains around.. The announcement about their upcoming collection is short and to the point, without any quotes from notable individuals or descriptions of Animal Crossing's popularity.

Also missing from the announcement are details about what fans can expect or when it will be available. It simply says that they have an Animal Crossing: New Horizons collection coming soon. While it doesn't mention what characters may make an appearance, plenty of folks would probably be big fans of an Isabelle plushie.

Tom Nook and a variety of villagers from Animal Crossing.

Although this collaboration may be somewhat surprising (in how long it has taken to happen), there have been Animal Crossing fans who have been hoping for this to happen. Last year, when a now-suspended Twitter account suggested that such a collab would be "a cultural reset," Build-A-Bear's account said that "We're taking notes..." In addition, a petition was released over a year ago hoping to get Nintendo to allow such a collaboration. As of this article, the petition has over 10,000 signatures. Given the wide variety of characters players have met over the years, it's certain that each player has a few villagers they would love to have in plushie form.

There is no concrete date on when the Animal Crossing collection will be available at Build-A-Bear stores. You can learn when it's available by signing up to their email announcements.

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