Bubsy: Paws On Fire! Springs Onto Nintendo Switch August 29th

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bubsy: paws on fire!

Some people just can't get enough of Bubsy. The bobcat's latest game, Bubsy: Paws On Fire!, hits Nintendo Switch on August 29th.

The Switch version was delayed back in May, so news of the release date will be a relief for Bubsy fans. The game will come as a physical cartridge or as a digital download via the Nintendo eShop. There's also a limited edition package which will contain a mini-CD sampler of Bubsy: Paws On Fire!'s soundtrack and a deluxe Player's Guide. You can check out the Switch launch trailer for Bubsy: Paws On Fire! right here:


Developer Choice Provisions says fans will "love" the Switch version of the bobcat mascot's latest outing. As far as we know, Bubsy: Paws On Fire! won't have any features or functions unique to the Switch. You'll be able to play it on the go, of course, but otherwise, it's the same auto-runner game you already know and love (or grudgingly tolerate, as the case may be). Time will tell. We'll let you know if Choice Provisions reveals new content for the Switch version.

Bubsy: Paws On Fire! is the latest in the bafflingly long-running Bubsy series. The game is an auto-runner in the Bit.Trip Runner mold. It boasts over 140 levels to conquer and 4 playable characters to choose from. There's an all-new story, which will be good news for those following Bubsy's labyrinthine narrative. Each level contains myriad collectibles that you can use to buy cosmetics and other items. The above trailer features a quote from ZTGD describing Paws On Fire! as "hands down the best Bubsy game". Some might call that damning with faint praise.

You can buy Bubsy: Paws On Fire! right now on PlayStation 4 and PC. Switch owners will have to wait until August 29th. Until then, here's one glowing endorsement from TechRaptor's very own Sam Guglielmo.

Will you be buying Bubsy: Paws On Fire! on Switch? If so, why? Let us know in the comments!

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