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There are some games in lore that become legendary for one unflattering reason for another. E.T. for the Atari 2600, Custer's RevengeAction 52, and... Bubsy 3D. While some games transitioned to 3D without any hiccups and others struggled, few managed to match the utter calamity that was the release of Bubsy 3D, which to this day is considered one of the worst 3D Platformers put on the market. When you combine that with an animal mascot with obligatory '90s attitude you ended up with a game that has managed to, in part thanks to Youtube, stay known for its horribleness.

Notoriety is still fame, and in this day and age creators are looking for anything to get a bit of extra attention. So focusing back on the earlier titles that worked more, Accolade decided to resurrect itself from the grave and hire Black Forest Games (Giana Sisters) to help Bubsy make his return in Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back a new 2.5d Platforming adventure!


With over 100 new one-liners, Bubsy is searching for the Golden Fleece and traveling the planet to find it. Using old moves and some new ones learned from his 20 years off, he has to dodge and combat Woolies, sharks, and other enemies including UFO bosses. Black Forest Games will be using their Havoc game engine, which they designed for Giana Sisters.

This also marks Accolade's return after their departure back in 2000. In the press release, they state they plan on returning other franchises and games like HardballSlave ZeroDeadlockEradicator, and Redline.

While there have been fan games of Bubsy, including 2015's Bubsy Two-Fur, the last official game was 1996's Bubsy 3D. If you want to learn more about the history of Bubsy, we recently took a closer look at him in our Failed Mascots series, which looked through all his games.

Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back will be releasing this September on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Finally, Accolade was able to sit down the elusive bobcat and ask him what he's been up to for the last twenty years. Take a read below for a transcript of the 'interview'!

Reporter: Bubsy, why after all these years are you coming back now? Bubsy: I found a residual check for Bubsy Two-Fur in my PO Box. That’s when I knew: Yeah, I’m thinking I’m back. Reporter: So you were out the game business entirely before then. How did you live? What did you do to earn a living? Bubsy: I realized that I couldn’t get any lower after the unauthorized indie pixel games and deeveeart portraits. But then I got a call  from a Q-List producer from Liechtenstein. Seems Liechtenstein is the 6th smallest country but also the richest! Plus, they LOOOOVE me there. Reporter: So you made more games? Bubsy: I made movies… Really bad movies. Like, Bubsy 3D… bad movies. Reporter: Would we have heard of any of them? Bubsy: I don’t know….The Good, The Bad and the Bobcat, Bubsy and the Lost Ark, Bobcats of the Caribbean, and of course my favorite, The Sound of Bubsy, a musical starring me and Julie Anderson. Reporter: These all sound weirdly familiar. Bubsy:  Of course they do! It’s Liechtenstein. There are like 7 people, but tickets are REEALLY expensive. Reporter: So why did you stop? Bubsy: A lawyer finally moved into Liechtenstein and told the producer that he couldn’t make “other peoples’” movies anymore. Reporter:  And then came Bubsy: The Woolies Strike back? Bubsy:  Well, I moved back to LA – but they had already rented out the apartment I had 20 years ago, those monsters. I was pretty down on my luck and considered auditioning as Crash Bandicoot’s stunt double. Reporter: No! Bubsy: Yeeeesssss! But then I got THE call. Reporter:  From Accolade? Bubsy: I don’t know, my agent got the call. Anyway, I read the script. Reporter: And you loved it! Bubsy: It stars ME! I have all the dialog, what’s NOT to love! AND, they were going to pay me! Also, I thought the modern retelling of the story of man as told by a Bobcat, was pretty cool too. Reporter:  …it’s a platforming game right? Bubsy:  Running, Jumping, Gliding…they’re all metaphors for life. Just ask Mario. Reporter: Do you know Mario? Bubsy: No, what’s your point? Reporter: Do you think the new game, Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back will propel you back to the top? Errr the middle? Bubsy: I’m counting on it! Reporter: Well, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

What do you think of Bubsy's return? 

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