Brutal Fate will blast at you in January 2021

Published: September 5, 2020 2:47 PM /


Brutal Fate 3DRealms' Realms Deep 2020

Brutal Fate was announced during 3DRealms' Realms Deep 2020 Livestream show, sporting visuals reminiscent of Duke Nukem 3D and Ion Maiden. Slated to as a fast-paced ultra-violent retro first-person shooter from the same creator of the multiple award-winning mod Brutal Doom and said to be releasing on Steam Early Access during January 2021.

Featuring non-linear level design, a huge arsenal and a large enemy variety, Brutal Fate places you in the boots of a Staff Sergeant leading a G.O.A.S.M.C. platoon on a colony on Jupitor's moon Callisto. In true Doom fashion, evil has massacred this colony and it's up to you to take them out without any hope for support or a way out. Take the fight to the enemy with a vast array of weapons that will demand use of every number key on your keyboard to scroll through. The enemies are designed to be as low-cost as possible, making it possible to render up 50 enemies at one time, complete with locational damage and gibbing.

Luckily, you won't have to solely rely on your own skills, as you can command your fellow marines to fight by your side, sporting an AI that won't block your movement, actually listens to your commands, and kills enemies for you. Take to the streets with your squad and bring to the fight to the enemy.

The GZDoom engine itself is one of the most reputable modding engines out there, with years under its belt from having numerous Doom mods made for it. With Brutal Fate made on the GZDoom engine, it will be just as moddable as you might expect, allowing you to add your own weapons, enemies, levels, and even whole new campaigns, right up until it breaks.

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It is face, Sergei. When enemy see face, they fear shoot. Is very intimidation.
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