Brutal Doom is Coming to Doom 64 with Brutal Doom 64

Doom 64 recently got a PC port. This is likely the base for Brutal Doom 64, a mod that will add in defining Brutal Doom features and cut stuff.

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Brutal Doom is a mod that is quite controversial among the hardcore Doom community. While some say it is the natural evolution of the '93 classic first person shooter, others believe it is a bastardization of all that makes the original Doom a classic. Love it or hate it though, you have to admit that Brutal Doom is a mod that has caused a surprising amount of eyes to turn on Doom. And now developer Sgt. Mark IV is setting his sights on bringing the total overhaul to another Doom title, one more obscure than the rest.

Doom 64 recently got a PC port in the form of Doom 64 EX, a fantastic re-creation that allows for features better suited for the PC such as mouselook and improved textures. This is likely the base for Brutal Doom 64, a mod that will not only add in defining Brutal Doom features like an abundance of particles, flashy animations, and buckets upon buckets of gore, but will also restore cut content from the Nintendo 64 original like enemies and other "cut stuff".

Brutal Doom 64

While the release date is still TBA, screenshots on the Mod DB (Such as the one picture above) show that Brutal Doom 64 is still unmistakably Doom. Still, if the previous mod is anything to go by, you can expect Brutal Doom 64 to be drenching the modding landscape with gallons of gore and gibs for quite some time in the years to come.


Our Take

Brutal Doom may not be universally loved amongst the Doom community, but personally, I really enjoy the mod and the improved carnage it gave the FPS classic. On top of that, I firmly believe that Doom 64 is a criminally overlooked entry in the franchise, so hopefully the popularity of the original Brutal Doom will introduce a brand new generation of gamers with Brutal Doom 64.

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