Breath of the Wild's Master Trials Details; Save Files and More

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Breath of the Wild The Master Trials DLC

The upcoming DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild  launches next week, and several major details have been released for the expansion at this time.

The Master Trials, the title of the first of two DLC's, will first and foremost add a seperate save file just for the games new featured hard mode. This is welcome news as Breath of the Wild is one of the first Zelda games to have only one save file at a time, meaning players who select to restart their adventure in Breath of the Wild will  have to erase all of their progress in the game to do so.

The Master Trials will include a number of new challenges and features, most notably the Trial of the Sword, a special "dungeon-crawl" that has Link, sans arms and armor, use what's available to him to take out enemies in 45 interlinked rooms. Your goal is to defeat every enemy in each room to progress the dungeon, and your reward for completing this trial is a special ability for the game's Master Sword, which will be in it's powered up state constantly when used.

The new DLC is also beefing up the enemies in the game as well as adding new threats to the player, such as airborne enemies and more, into the mix. Other goodies can be found in the world, such as the travel medallion and four new armor sets, including the Korok mask, which will make finding the game's 900 hidden Korok's much easier.

The Master Trials is the first of two DLC packs for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The second pack, titled The Champions Ballad, is scheduled for a release this December, and will feature Zelda and the four guardians in some capacity. Both DLC packs can be purchased together now on the Nintendo eshop for $19.99.

The Master Trials is set to release on June 30th.

What are your thoughts on The Master Trials? Will you be picking it up? Leave your comments below.

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