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The Zora's Domain area of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as built in Dragon Quest Builders 2 by namikaku25

I once built a little house in Minecraft. I was inordinately proud of it. A Twitter user called Namikaku has, however, put me to shame by recreating iconic The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild areas in Dragon Quest Builders 2, with a frankly upsetting level of detail.

Which Breath of the Wild areas has Namikaku made in Dragon Quest Builders 2?

This story comes courtesy of Automaton Media, who published the original Japanese article, then translated it into English. Namikaku is a Twitter user who apparently first began experimenting with making Breath of the Wild areas in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. They then moved onto Dragon Quest Builders 2, where they have made some staggeringly impressive recreations including Zora's Domain, the Rito village, and Gerudo Town, among others. Here's a smattering of Namikaku's excellent efforts (there's also a wonderful recreation of Goron City).

Some iconic Breath of the Wild locations, recreated by Namikaku in Dragon Quest Builders 2
Clockwise from top left: Namikaku's Dragon Quest Builders 2 recreations of Rito Village, Zora's Domain, Kakariko, and Gerudo Town from Breath of the Wild.

This isn't the first time Breath of the Wild has been recreated in a building sandbox game. Last year, a fan built a version of Breath of the Wild's Hyrule map in Minecraft. Still, the attention to detail in these Dragon Quest Builders 2 maps is pretty astonishing. Zooming in on Namikaku's creations, as Automaton does in the original story, shows that they've even included interior design elements and other extras, so wandering the streets of Gerudo Town in Dragon Quest Builders 2 should feel largely the same as it does in the original game. All these maps need now are NPCs; perhaps Namikaku should ask the folks who added their own characters to Breath of the Wild a while back to help out.

What drove Namikaku to make these Dragon Quest Builders 2 maps?

In the original Automaton story, the outlet managed to speak to Namikaku, who said that a love of Breath of the Wild and a "connection" to other fans drove them to create these maps. Namikaku also says they make a new discovery each time they head back into the world of Breath of the Wild, so this, along with positive fan feedback, helps them to keep creating. Remarkably, Namikaku says they build these maps from memory, which puts my little Minecraft house even more to shame.

A version of Breath of the Wild's Goron City built in Dragon Quest Builders 2 by Namikaku
Namikaku's Dragon Quest Builders 2 version of Breath of the Wild's Goron City is truly impressive.

Unfortunately, Namikaku has run into some difficulties sharing his creations in Dragon Quest Builders 2. While the game's terms and conditions don't expressly forbid creations based on other IPs, they do say users must shoulder the burden of any due compensation if the IP's owners dispute its presence in the game. The guidelines also give Square Enix the right to delete any content they want to, which is, unfortunately, what happened to Namikaku's maps. However, we do still get to see them thanks to Namikaku's Twitter account. Small mercies.

If you want to see whether you can match or surpass Namikaku (I definitely can't) in making super-cool Dragon Quest Builders 2 maps of your own, the game is available on Xbox Game Pass right now, having been added back in May. It's also available to buy on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, as well as on PC via Steam. I wish you the very best of luck. I'll just be sitting in my Minecraft house, trying to figure out how to put up shelves.

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