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Published: February 6, 2015 1:27 PM /



Big news for all you Xenoblade X fans. There seems to be a post from the Japanese Nintendo Twitter feed in regards to a stream that started this morning at 8am EST/5am PST. Soon fans will be able to get more info of the highly anticipated Wii U game once translated. This tweet was posted a couple of days ago but it translates to the following:

[Nintendo] I will broadcast the latest video of the Wii U Software "Xenoblade X" on February 6th. This time I will deliver for the charm to explore the world and the vast world of "Xenoblade X".


Monolith Soft has been working tirelessly to bring about a brand new entry to the series. Previous title from the company was Xenoblade Chronicles. This same title has been rated on metacritic as one of the top games to own and rated on the Wii system. It was a sprawling story of epic proportions that was recently announced to be released on the New 3DS system in April 2015.

So far, not much is known of the game except a few videos that showcased exploration and last year's E3. It does prove one thing: Nintendo has been smart on recent events releasing games that really show off that the system can keep up with the other competitors. Especially this year is gearing up to be a fantastic year for Nintendo.

Below you can watch the video unfold, the video starts at the 34 minute mark. There should be an official video posted by Nintendo that will show this stream in english. Now beware, this stream is on the Japanese Nintendo channel and is in Japanese. Japanese players will be able to pre-download the title at 22.7 GB. Looks like there will be online co op up to 4 players and up 32 players will be able to exchange information and trade items with one another. It also shows that the game will release on April 29th on the Wii U and the New 3DS game of Xenoblade Chronicles will release on April 2nd both respectively on Japanese markets. The retail version does show to have some sort of software that will be able to load the game's map seamlessly by possibly loading additional information onto the Wii U.




Stay tuned for more updates to Xenoblade X here at TechRaptor. Comment below on what things you are excited for and what you are hoping to see.

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